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Okay, so that last update sucked. I guess there was porn in the file. So heres a REALLY good update first is Apt. 213 from Cleveland

Heres the link* 

*Porn not included

More updates to come

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Get Destroyed - S/T

Get Destroyed is a band from Arizona. This is most likely the best Power Violence record in the last 5 years. I feel bad for putting this up because I know its still in print so I ask that if you enjoy this record please buy it, its only $4 from Coughing Up Records.

Brain Diseased
What A Mess
100 Men/Forcefed
Ankle Breaker

Download Link

Friday, October 10, 2008

Greed Killing - Police State

From Germany...their myspace bio is in German so I can't leave any cool bio for you to read.

Heres the link
Heres the myspace

Oloracarne - Gargamelodia (2008)


Thursday, October 9, 2008

New shit

Updates by the end of the week. Got some really good shit coming....
-Ed Coalition

Sunday, August 31, 2008

New Chatroom

Just set up a new cOw chatroom so you could talk to the rest of the Coalition in real time. I'm still working out the bugs so feel free to drop me a line with any complaints at
Make sure to pass the word along about the new chatroom and cOw.

-Ed Coalition

Saturday, August 30, 2008

knuckle Scraper- Max Isn't The Bastard

This has been on repeat since I downloaded this. Knuckle Scraper has got to be one of the best PV bands that ever was. From what I've seen these guys went onto play in: Machine Gun Romantics, Pretty Little Flower, Insect Warfare, Hatred Surge, and 50/50. So here I give you "Max Isn't The Bastard", stolen right from my friends blog.

1. Gulf Coast Power Violence
2. Swollen Finger
3. Dona Thrash
4. C.T.L.D.
5. Alex Hughes Singa the Blues
6. Pizza Suicide
7. Wakari Masu Ka
8. Terminal
9. Max Isn't The Bastard
10: Dissin' The Fuzz Never Gets Old
11. Mo' Money, Mo' Problems
12. Big Man

Thursday, July 24, 2008

What the hell, no updates?

I know, I know longtime no updates. What gives? I got lazy and didn't feel like uploading anything. The updates this month are:

  • Confuse's Nuclear Addicts
  • The INFEST link is fixed
Thats all for now. Hopefully I can have a message board up and running by the end of Aug. If anyone wants to help out with setting one up feel free to put it up and send me the link. Thanks, pass on the word about The Coalition

Confuse - Nuclear Addicts

I know this has been posted before but for all the people that haven't already heard it here you go. Heres a little bio on Nuclear Addicts

Confuse - Nuclear Addicts (Blue Jag) 1984

“The first recordings of Confuse appear to be the stuff on the Spending Loud Night 7″ (King’s World Records). These recordings are ultraraw noisy thrash and are possibly from a demotape, but I haven’t run across a trader that had this demo, although I have heard it was… This stuff is from 1983 and I think is a 4-track basement demo type of thing. The Indignation demo from 1984 is definitly a demo tape, I have seen two covers for this tape. More controlled noise but still outrageously fuzzed out and violent sounding. Later this year Confuse entered the studio for what I believe was the first time and produced the Nuclear Addicts flexi. This, as with the progression from the 1st demo to the 2nd demo, shows a less chaotic and more focused attack, but if you had never heard the demos and just this you’d be hard pressed to believe it. The flexi is a classic noisecore record, abrasive rough buzzsaw thrash a la Disorder but heavier. After this, Confuse appear on a compilation 8″ called Jisatsu Omnibus and the three songs are a bit more rough sounding than Nuclear Addicts (some of them are rerecordings of older songs from the demos as well).” - Kill from the Heart web page

Thursday, May 29, 2008

RP- Catastrophe Live 1982 LP (bootleg)

*This bootleg is pretty good. The sound quality is decent and is actually maybe slightly better than the bootleg taped versions of the shows featured on it. Though the vocals seem to drown out the instruments a bit on a lot of it and the guitar seems to get buried a lot in the recording but considering the original taped recordings sounded like that (at least the ones I have that are on this, some of the other stuff on this I'm not sure what it originally sounded like but this is probably pretty accurate to what those taped versions sounded like too if not better) though this seems to be slightly more clear than on the bootleg tape I have. As for the artwork the front cover is taken from some art from the booklet that came with Pope Adrian 37th Psychristiatric (though copied very badly and it's very shoddy! It's really not doing the art justice!) and the back has the song listings (in which they name the 2nd song on it Farce instead of what it really is which is Dutchmen) and has another shoddy looking copy of some art from the Primal Screamer book. Anyway, this bootleg is overall pretty good and if you don't want to find someone who has taped versions of the shows contained on it who you can get them from or you want slightly better quality versions of the shows (or at least slightly better quality of the stuff from shows that's on the tape I have of which some of it is on this LP, not sure about the other stuff being slightly better quality than the taped versions as I've said, though it has pretty good quality regardless) then it might be worth getting ahold of if you can get ahold of it. So if you are very much into Rudimentary Peni and are looking to get ahold of a live recording of them on a record, then, I would recommend this bootleg live LP and definitely recommend it over the live bootleg EP. Anyway, I give it: (8 out of 10 stars)
*Taken without permission from here*
You'll find the track listing in the download
Download link:

locust/ man is the bastard 10" split

Track listing:
A1 Locust, The Ass Gravity (0:56)
A2 Locust, The Futile Agreement (0:33)
A3 Locust, The Sever The Toe (0:43)
A4 Locust, The Emaciation Fuckers (0:46)
A5 Locust, The Red (0:45)
A6 Locust, The Inbred America (1:07)
A7 Locust, The Helios (2:53)
A8 Locust, The Personal History (1:01)
A9 Locust, The Keep Off The Tracks (0:36)
B1 Man Is The Bastard Margin For Disintegration (3:23)
B2 Man Is The Bastard War (2:20)
B3 Man Is The Bastard Prayer From Another Land (0:10)
B4 Man Is The Bastard Robotic Anenomi (0:11)
B5 Man Is The Bastard Cave Water Rings (0:06)
B6 Man Is The Bastard A Periscope's Demise By Torpedo (0:12)
B7 Man Is The Bastard Rocket Brain Failure (0:07)
B8 Man Is The Bastard Ward Of Knives (0:06)
B9 Man Is The Bastard Lunatic Hunting People (0:09)
B10 Man Is The Bastard Pluto's Winter (0:15)
B11 Man Is The Bastard Jupiter's Autumn (1:14)
B12 Man Is The Bastard Katlehong Journal
*The Man is The Bastard tracks run as one big track*
Download link:

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Punks is Hippies

Just found this blog Punks is Hippies. This site scans zines from all over the world and uploads them for all to read. I hope for anyone that actually reads this blog checks out the blog links. Blogs like these have a shitload more to offer than any website that comes up on google. They even have a forum, so go sign up!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Reality Comp vol. 1

Man is The Bastard
Lack Of Interest
Despise You!
Excruciation Terror

Download Link:

Lack of Interest

Demo for Unreleased Album Trevor Fairbanks (Scalplock/Peter Mangalore) on vocals.

01 My Life
02 Impeached
03 I Don't Care
04 Ignorance
05 No Sweat
06 What's Up
07 Too Late
08 Kill the Middle Class
09 Force Fed
10 Bitter World
11 No More/Don't Tell Me
12 Don't Know/Nothing
13 Social Inequality
14 Family Massacre
15 Mislead and Deranged
16 Plastic Armor
17 Writing on the Wall
18 Rot Gut
19 Bonanza
20 Mindless (Infest cover)
21 Wasted Effort

Download link:

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Interview with Chris Dodge (Spazz, Despise You, Slap A Ham )

Interview orginally by Jes of Neutral Words.

Thanks Neutral Words

How did Spazz actually form? I’m not just talking about how you guys all got to know each other, rather, I’m meaning how did you guys come up with the sound you made so popular? Sure, there was grindcore and hardcore but you guys were distinctly different... What ingredients did you put together to come up with your sound?

No idea. We didn’t plan on doing anything specific. We just made music that sounded good to us. All bands are about (or should be about) taking music you like & making it your own. Honestly, the lyrics were mostly an afterthought, which is why a lot of them are so cryptic and are mostly inside-jokes based on our friends or things that happened to us. Probably using a lot of underground pop culture references (Hong Kong movies, skating, tagging, hip hop) unintentionally helped us gain popularity.

Hey, to start off, is there anything you’re especially interested in promoting? Anything you’re working on, or something you think deserves attention?

Thanks for asking. I kinda went on hiatus for a while, but doing a lot more lately. Currently, I’m writing some new songs with Burn Your Bridges (working on a 7 inch for 625), practicing with Despise You to play some live shows in Cali this year, and recording & releasing electronic noise with Bacteria Cult.

Spazz is kind of known for its use of various samples in your songs as well as the pop culture types of imagery. Would you say you guys were kind of trying to mock pop culture in using that type of imagery, or was it just for fun?

It was all for fun. Basically whatever amused us.

Putting aside music for a second, how’s life been? It has been a while since Slap-A-Ham ended, but have you been able to relax a bit more or have you been busy being involved with jobs/family/other projects?

I think I just got burnt out on the scene for a while, and after going into serious debt from running the label, I decided I really wanted to work for The Man & bring home a regular paycheck. I spend way more time than I want to working for someone else, but at least at the end of the day I know I can pay my bills. When I was running the label, I wasn’t living month-to-month, I was living week-to-week.

My favorite Spazz song by far is Sword of the Lord. Just out of my own curiosity, do you remember what that song is about specifically? Do you have a favorite?

I think we were on tour & watching some talk show... I think it was Jerry Springer... and some Jesus fanatic mentioned something about using the sword of the lord. We knew on the spot it had to be a song title. My favorite song is probably Crocket.

So, tell us about the record collection... It must be huge. Anything you’re especially proud of?

Well, over recent years I’ve sold a lot of the more impressive things in my collection. I’ve been buying punk records since about 82, so just about everything you can think of, I’ve probably owned at one time or another. But after having countless thousands of records, CDs, & cassettes, it became so overwhelming, I couldn’t even keep my collection in the house. It had to be kept in boxes, which is pointless. If it’s sitting in a box, why bother owning it. And in recent years, I stopped being collector. Now I’m the opposite, I don’t really like to own anything. So, when I have time, I sell off bits of my collection. That said, I still have certain things I have a hard time parting with, like the Teen Idles 7 inch.

Any future plans for Spazz, or is that dead and buried?

No plans. We’ll probably never play again. We all keep in touch regarding reissuing some old releases & stuff, but that’s about it.

Ok, Ancient Chinese Secret is amazing, and has got to do some more music... What’s the story with ACS? Any plans in that regard?

Nothing will ever happen for ACS again. Another band nobody cared about, but I’m glad you’re one of 3 people who liked it.

In an interview with you that I read out of Crass Menagerie, you said “I made a lot of bad business decisions over the years, but I have an artistic temperament and not a business temperament. And since I was doing the label for artistic and not business reasons, I reckon that would make sense.” I’d say within the music scene, a lot of decisions aren’t made based on what may make money or what’s good for business. In almost all cases, bands aren’t making money and are usually playing in small, cramped venues with bad sound. What do you think draws people to get involved, when on the surface it looks almost like a waste of time?

Obviously, it’s love for the music, the scene, the chance for anyone to be actively involved if they want to. At least, that’s what it was for me.

Any plans for another Super Sabado Gigante / Fiesta Grande type fest that you know of?

I think Six Weeks is going to do another Super Sabado type show sometime again. I have no interest in reviving Fiesta Grande. I started doing the shows to give the bands on the label a place to play, because at the time, very few people liked that type of music. Obviously, that’s changed, so it served its purpose.

Were/are you trying to achieve some common goal with Legion of Doom, Stikky, Spazz, Bacteria Cult, EWBT, ACS and now Burn Your Bridges?

Just having fun, making music I enjoy that hopefully appeals to others as well.

How’d the idea for East West Blast Test come about? Any plans for upcoming releases with them? What is working with Dave Witte like and how does he manage his time, being in almost every band to exist?

Dave & I talked about collaborating for years but never had the time or money to fly out to either coast & work on something in person, so one day I just told him to go into a studio & record drums & I’d write songs to whatever he sent me. Pretty fun because neither of us knows what the other will do in advance. Dave is awesome. He’s a truly great person, a great friend, and one of the most amazing drummers I’ve ever seen. He quit his day job several years ago to pursue music full time & has been quite successful. I’m sure Dave is up for another release, but we haven’t talked about it.

What got you interested in doing something like Bacteria Cult and (forgive me, I’m not up to speed on the inner workings of this type of music) what exactly do you do?

I’ve liked noise for a long time. I put out a few noise releases under the name Jesus Philbin. Bacteria Cult is a collaboration between me & two friends, Jay from Circuit Wound & Kevin from Watch Me Burn/Fetus Eaters. It’s basically sound exploration, creating soundscapes with a wide variety of electronics. I enjoy taking sounds & manipulating them to the point that they’re unrecognizable.

Just looking at your Myspace page, you receive messages like “OMG OMG OMG. I fuckin love you. come back and play one last show. I fuck love you sooo much. omg you have no clue and SAPZZ.ahhh. fuckin love them. ahhh its you...omg. I love spazz.dannggg come to Fontana and play one last show for meee”. Obviously, the internet has helped your bands - as well as others - become raised to a sort of underground “cult of personality” status. How do you think the internet has contributed to the growth of various remote underground scenes, such as powerviolence/fastcore/grindcore, which were at one time very obscure but are now much more popular? Do you think the internet has helped, or hurt the genuinity/sincerity of the music scene, being that a lot of people, now, get involved just to be cool?

No matter what, there will always be someone trying to get involved to be cool. No one has any control over that. And frankly, it doesn’t matter. The internet & MySpace are pretty great in my opinion. It used to be incredibly difficult to find out about new bands, let alone get their music, in the early days of hardcore. While it’s easy to argue that this newer quick accessibility can homogenize the scene, I think the greater purpose served is that you can find new music & like-minded individuals more easily. It’s a tremendous tool for communication. Distributing music

Were the Old Joe Clarks the only band on Raging Woody? Did Raging Woody put out anything else and is any of that stuff still available?

The Old Joe Clarks was a folksy country band that I really loved. Mike from OJC was the infamous banjo player on a few Spazz songs (like Spudboy). Anyhow, I thought they were too great not to have a record out, so I put one out for them & created Raging Woody as a side label to keep them separate from the Slap A Ham bands. It was a failure, of course. Nobody wanted it. A few people liked it, emphasis on few. I think I sold about 100 of 500. A lot of them ended up in the garbage a few years ago.

Again, referring to your interview in Crass Menagerie, referring to bands you turned down to be on the Slap-A-Ham label, you said ?It’s stuff I turned down for my own reasons even though I knew it would probably sell but I didn’t think Slap A Ham was the right home for it for one reason or another Despite that, are there bands you turned down or could have released that you legitimately regret not releasing?

No. But there are bands I released that I regret releasing. That’s all I’ll say.

Anything else your involved in that we should look out for from you, be it music or otherwise?

I think I summed that up in the first question.

So, you’ve started writing reviews for Short, Fast + Loud again. What made you decide to start back up? Is this a signal that you may be interested in looking at bands and possibly getting back into the record businesses, via 625, Slap-A-Ham, or otherwise?

I have zero interest in starting a label again. I love writing, I love new music, I love playing music, and I’m looking forward to having my music come out on other labels, other than my own.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hummingbird Of Death Tour

Check for a show near you


BRAND new, here is the newest record from Hummingbird of Death, the Goatmeal EP on a 5'' record! Side A is 19 very short songs that range from a few seconds to 12 seconds roughly varying subject topics like Battletoads to colors to idiots, the B side is an awesome minute and a half fastcore thrasher. Comparisons are dumb but they take cues from Koro, D.R.I, No Comment, Neos, Larm and other alike past bands and modern acts they are close to in sound yet completely different would be Hellnation, XBRAINIAX or Sidetracked. They are very tight for a fastcore band and Mike's drumming is superb. Quality of the record is nice and this is a 1 time press too and not very big of a 1 time press, plus we had the plates smashed to prevent this so its now or never!

Friday, May 2, 2008

INFEST '87-'02

Tracklisting for this one is:

01 Break The Chain
02 Pickled
03 Sick O
04 Plastic
05 Mindless
06 Which Side
07 V.Y.O.
08 Wheres The Unity
09 Screwed
10 Machismo
11 The Game
12 Sick of Talk
13 Iran Scam
14 Lifes Halt
15 Slave
16 Head First
17 Sick and Tired
18 Fetch The Pliers
19 Meaning of The Word Hate
20 Mankind
21 Judge Me
22 Speak Easy
23 Once Lost
24 Excess Pig
25 Them
26 Shackled Down
27 Just Act Blind
28 Kill The Peace
29 Three Or Nothing
30 Why Don't You
31 Cold Inside
32 Feeling Mean
33 Sick Machine
34 Upright Mass
35 Terminal Nation
36 In His Name
37 Behind This Tongue
38 What's Your Claim
39 True Violence
40 Sickman
41 Punchline
42 Contact
43 Effort Falls Down
44 You're A Star
45 Freeze Dried
46 Rabid Pigs
47 Lying To Myself
48 Nazi Killer
49 My World...My Way
50 Where's The Unity (demo)
51 If I Were You (demo)
52 Which Side (demo)
53 Sick Of Talk (demo)
54 Life's Halt (demo)
55 The End (demo)
56 Dirty Dope Dealer (demo)
57 Son Of The Sun (demo)
58 Going (demo)
59 Rehearsal
60 Untitled
61 Nothing's Changed
62 Cold Inside
63 Dead At Birth

*Thanks Vin

tracks 1-19: Slave LP (1988 Off the Disk) tracks 20-29: Mankind 7” (1991 Draw Blank) track 30: Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! (1991 Slap A Ham) tracks 31-49: No Man’s Slave LP (2002 Draw Blank/Deep Six) tracks 50-58: demo (1987) track 59: rehearsal of Slave LP track 60: Apocalyptic Convulsions (1992 Axction Records) track 61: Fear of Smell (1992 Vermiform) track 62: Reality Pt 2 (1996 Deep Six) track 63: Reality Pt 3 (1999 Deep Six)

*Link fixed*


The first of many downloads were gonna have on c.O.w. Heres the Left Back/Let Down comp.

Heres the tracklisting
tracks 1-5: Stapled Shut
tracks 6-9: Crom
tracks 10-14: Spazz
tracks 15-23: Despise You

Heres the download link

Monday, April 28, 2008

Straightjacket Nation USA Tour

Aussie punks US tour. Click the picture to see full dates.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

no title

Time to get this shit rolling. Pass the word around about this site. Feel free to use the picture on the side as a banner. We should have the C.o.W myspace profile up sometime this week. Thanks

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Welcome to Coalition of Weapons