Thursday, May 29, 2008

RP- Catastrophe Live 1982 LP (bootleg)

*This bootleg is pretty good. The sound quality is decent and is actually maybe slightly better than the bootleg taped versions of the shows featured on it. Though the vocals seem to drown out the instruments a bit on a lot of it and the guitar seems to get buried a lot in the recording but considering the original taped recordings sounded like that (at least the ones I have that are on this, some of the other stuff on this I'm not sure what it originally sounded like but this is probably pretty accurate to what those taped versions sounded like too if not better) though this seems to be slightly more clear than on the bootleg tape I have. As for the artwork the front cover is taken from some art from the booklet that came with Pope Adrian 37th Psychristiatric (though copied very badly and it's very shoddy! It's really not doing the art justice!) and the back has the song listings (in which they name the 2nd song on it Farce instead of what it really is which is Dutchmen) and has another shoddy looking copy of some art from the Primal Screamer book. Anyway, this bootleg is overall pretty good and if you don't want to find someone who has taped versions of the shows contained on it who you can get them from or you want slightly better quality versions of the shows (or at least slightly better quality of the stuff from shows that's on the tape I have of which some of it is on this LP, not sure about the other stuff being slightly better quality than the taped versions as I've said, though it has pretty good quality regardless) then it might be worth getting ahold of if you can get ahold of it. So if you are very much into Rudimentary Peni and are looking to get ahold of a live recording of them on a record, then, I would recommend this bootleg live LP and definitely recommend it over the live bootleg EP. Anyway, I give it: (8 out of 10 stars)
*Taken without permission from here*
You'll find the track listing in the download
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Papst Benedikt XVI said...

thanks for spreading the word about PUNKS IS HIPPIES! consider yourself linked to my blog! I just finished reading your note on the bottom of the blog where you say you´re looking for rare PV. the problem is the description rare PV music. if you tell me what exactly you´re looking for I/someone might be able to help you but just rare PV is a very thin description!

Ed said...

By PV (power violence) I mean anything thats fast, and cant be bought in the stores. Making a list would and could take days. Theres pently of stuff that PV that I've never heard. Off the top of my head things Im looking for are; Spazz bootlegs, Charles Bronson bootlegs, Confuse bootleg etc.