Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hummingbird Of Death Tour

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BRAND new, here is the newest record from Hummingbird of Death, the Goatmeal EP on a 5'' record! Side A is 19 very short songs that range from a few seconds to 12 seconds roughly varying subject topics like Battletoads to colors to idiots, the B side is an awesome minute and a half fastcore thrasher. Comparisons are dumb but they take cues from Koro, D.R.I, No Comment, Neos, Larm and other alike past bands and modern acts they are close to in sound yet completely different would be Hellnation, XBRAINIAX or Sidetracked. They are very tight for a fastcore band and Mike's drumming is superb. Quality of the record is nice and this is a 1 time press too and not very big of a 1 time press, plus we had the plates smashed to prevent this so its now or never!