Thursday, July 24, 2008

Confuse - Nuclear Addicts

I know this has been posted before but for all the people that haven't already heard it here you go. Heres a little bio on Nuclear Addicts

Confuse - Nuclear Addicts (Blue Jag) 1984

“The first recordings of Confuse appear to be the stuff on the Spending Loud Night 7″ (King’s World Records). These recordings are ultraraw noisy thrash and are possibly from a demotape, but I haven’t run across a trader that had this demo, although I have heard it was… This stuff is from 1983 and I think is a 4-track basement demo type of thing. The Indignation demo from 1984 is definitly a demo tape, I have seen two covers for this tape. More controlled noise but still outrageously fuzzed out and violent sounding. Later this year Confuse entered the studio for what I believe was the first time and produced the Nuclear Addicts flexi. This, as with the progression from the 1st demo to the 2nd demo, shows a less chaotic and more focused attack, but if you had never heard the demos and just this you’d be hard pressed to believe it. The flexi is a classic noisecore record, abrasive rough buzzsaw thrash a la Disorder but heavier. After this, Confuse appear on a compilation 8″ called Jisatsu Omnibus and the three songs are a bit more rough sounding than Nuclear Addicts (some of them are rerecordings of older songs from the demos as well).” - Kill from the Heart web page

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