Saturday, August 30, 2008

knuckle Scraper- Max Isn't The Bastard

This has been on repeat since I downloaded this. Knuckle Scraper has got to be one of the best PV bands that ever was. From what I've seen these guys went onto play in: Machine Gun Romantics, Pretty Little Flower, Insect Warfare, Hatred Surge, and 50/50. So here I give you "Max Isn't The Bastard", stolen right from my friends blog.

1. Gulf Coast Power Violence
2. Swollen Finger
3. Dona Thrash
4. C.T.L.D.
5. Alex Hughes Singa the Blues
6. Pizza Suicide
7. Wakari Masu Ka
8. Terminal
9. Max Isn't The Bastard
10: Dissin' The Fuzz Never Gets Old
11. Mo' Money, Mo' Problems
12. Big Man

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LIO said...

Hey man,

Just thought you should know, this band was formed right after Machine Gun Romantics broke up. It's really just MGR without Ryan, the (high-pitched) vocalist.